Monday, June 23, 2008

three months

My Merit Fey
You are 3 months old, baby girl! What a fun time we have had so far. When people ask me how it has been adjusting to having a baby, I always have to respond that it really hasn't been too tough--you fit right into our lives, although your daddy and I still don't really know what we are doing. Just yesterday your daddy asked me if I thought we were qualified for this. I'm not sure we are, but I am so glad you're here and that the Lord entrusted us with your little life. You are getting more fun by the minute. We hang on your every movement and sound, waiting to see what you will learn and discover next. 

This month you went swimming for the first time. You seem to like it. You have discovered your hands and when you lose your paci, they are second-best.
You've grown so much this past month. I may actually acquire some biceps after carrying you in your car seat! Speaking of that seat, you have a love-hate relationship with it. 9 times out of 10, you cry for a minute or two when we first put you in...but also, 9 times out of 10, you will be asleep before we even buckle you in the car.
You don't love being on your tummy, but you are getting to where you don't mind it too much anymore. I think it is because you now know how to get out of it! About a week ago, you learned how to roll from your belly to your back. You work so hard to get flipped over, and we always have a little celebration when you do.
You are also learning how to grab things and pull them to your mouth. This is something else that you concentrate on and work very hard to do. I think you have your daddy's determination, which is a very good thing.
Your eyes are still blue... 
...and the back of your head is getting balder by the day. I know you're tired if you're rubbing your head back and forth. Eventually, one arm will go up and cover your eyes right before you fall asleep. (You also love your webcam chats with Nina and PaPa!)
You are such a happy baby, which makes my face and my heart smile. You have been giving sweet smiles for a while now, but these days it doesn't take much to get them from you. When I wake up in the morning, I can't wait to look at you because I know you are going to give me a huge grin when you see me. You have also discovered how much you love to smile at yourself in the mirror, one of my favorite pastimes lately. You smile with your eyes, your shoulders, your many of my pictures of you smiling turn out fuzzy because you wiggle your whole body when you're happy. Two days ago, you laughed out loud for the first time as I was playing with you by putting your foot in your mouth, proving you indeed have a great sense of humor. I was so glad that your daddy and I were both there to hear that incredible sound.
However, happiness was nowhere near when you received your first shots this month. Your daddy was so sweet to stay with you as the nurse gave you all your shots, while I hung back, and closed my teary eyes. You screamed and cried like we have never heard before. When we got home, you slept almost all day and night, and when you were awake, you laid in my arms and moaned the saddest little moans ever. The shots also gave you your first fever.
This month your daddy and your uncle Matt went to Bonnaroo, leaving you and I by ourselves for 4 days. We did great, if I do say so myself. I left the TV on in the living room 24 hours a day, so if I heard a suspicious noise, I could just tell myself it was the TV. Daddy had the camera with him, so sadly, our girls' weekend went un-photographed. (That's okay though, because I don't think going to Target everyday really needed to be documented.) Daddy took this picture of skinny-winny Alison Krauss, which, along with Nickel Creek, is who I played for you the most when you were still in my belly.

Happy 3 month birthday, Mer-Mer! Your short life has already been filled with so many accomplishments and good times. We love you more than we could ever describe. Month number four is sure to be fun.

much love,
your mama

Saturday, June 21, 2008

merit's dad rocks

I wanted to post about Kev's Father's Day before it got too far away from the occasion. It may already be that time, but here it is anyway. Kevan was out at Bonnaroo with my brother Matt for Father's Day weekend, so we celebrated when he returned. Merit put on an outfit especially for her daddy, and we had a great time giving him his presents and spending some time at the pool. I gave Kev the new Augustana and am in the process of making him a shirt (there's a slight possibility it will be done before next Father's day...). Merit gave him a sweet pic of her and a snorkeling set complete with goggles, a snorkel, and fins. Kev LOVES this kind of thing. When we snorkeled on our honeymoon, Kev was all about it...completely intrigued. I, on the other hand, felt like I might hyperventilate. Anyway, I think Kev had a great first Father's Day. 

Just some cute pics of Merit and her rockin' daddy on a walk this past week...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

look-alike contest

Almost once a day Kev and I have a conversation about who Merit looks like. I tend to think she looks more like Kev, but there are days when I see a little bit of myself, and still others when I'm not sure she looks like either one of us. Many have told us that they can see both of us in her face, but I think it is still up for debate. To help with this debate, I've done some comparisons because I know you are just as puzzled by this as I am, and it most likely keeps you up at night.

As I've posted before, she looks a lot like Kev's baby pictures...

We've been looking through some of my baby pics, and she really doesn't look like me as a baby. Here's a pic of me on my birthday, and a pic of Merit on hers. I find myself comparing my mom and I in these pics more than Merit and I...

Speaking of my mom, Merit looks a little like Nina as a baby....

The look-alike meter at gives the final verdict...

finally, texas trip: part 3

I realize it has now been almost a month since we were in Texas, but I wanted to be sure and post about one of the main reasons we went: a baby shower for Merit! Some friends from our home church in Abilene were so nice to throw us a shower--specifically Jasa Ruff, who hosted the party in her beautiful home. Thank you to everyone who helped, attended, and generously gave us such fun gifts!! I was thrilled to introduce Merit to so many people who had played an important role in our lives in Abilene. 

Merit's Auntie Katie and Auntie Kasey came from Dallas and surprised us! That really meant so much to me. This was their first time to meet Merit, and I think they kinda liked her.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

happy father's day to...

My Daddio...
...Merit's PaPa,
Kev's Pops...
...Merit's Popsy,
and my Kev...
...Merit's Daddy.

My dad has always called me his "favorite woman-child". Being one of his favorite children was special, but when it came to women-children, he let me know I was the front runner. (I know, I am his only girl, but I love the title just the same.) Amazing how things have come full circle...growing up a daddy's girl and now getting to watch my own daughter turn into the same. Kevan is doing a fabulous, most excellent job as Merit's daddy. I expected nothing less, especially knowing his own father...Kev learned from one of the best. So today Merit gets to celebrate two incredible granddads (plus two great-granddads!) and one amazing daddy. She is indeed one blessed woman-child.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

texas trip: part 2-B, cousins!

One of the best parts of our Texas trip was getting to be with Merit's cousins, also known as my sweet nieces, Macy and Zoey. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve my cousins (you'll see two of them below...), and I can't wait for all of the fun times to come watching all of these cuties and the cuties-to-come grow up together. 

We were so excited to get to spend some time one afternoon with my Aunt June, my cousin April and her two kids McKinley and Davis, and my cousin Mindi and her baby Hudson. We really missed seeing my cousin Danna, who had her baby Luke on May 26th!!

For fun, and some good ole nostalgia, here is one of my all-time favorite pics of Mindi and I when we were 2 and 3 years old, followed by a new favorite pic of us holding each other's babies!

Friday, June 6, 2008

texas trip: part 2-A

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I love Texas. I love the big, open skies, the friendly atmosphere, the heritage, the Mexican food...although none of these things are what often make me ache to be home. Here is what, or rather who, does...

Merit and I got in lots of good PaPa/Daddy and Nina/Mama time

as well as sister/aunt and brother/uncle time
--kevan's brother, tanner, and his girlfriend, emily--
--sis-in-law, lori, and my brother, paul--

Next up, Texas Trip:Part 2-B - Cousins!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

get your swim bake on!

I have always gotten giddily excited when it comes time to go swimming for the first time of the summer. Today was the day! We took Merit to the pool, and she got to sport a cute vintage "swim bake" straight from 1982. When I was little, I called my swimsuit my swim bake. (Her suit is a swim bake in the truest sense, because it belonged to me--the originator of the term.) I am not sure where I came up with that name, but it stuck...even now you might hear my family members use the term when talking about their swim wear. There exists a picture of me in this very same suit that I wish I had on my seeing it, you'd understand why my brothers used to call me the Michelin Man. Merit looked pretty cute and only a bit Michelin Mannish--she's got some growing to do and some thigh rolls to add before she can claim the name as well as I did. 

What a great time we had today in our swim bakes. It was so much fun introducing Merit to what you do on a perfect summer day. 

Monday, June 2, 2008

texas trip: part one

Merit and I had a really great time in Abilene. The plane rides weren't nearly as stressful as I let them be. Merit slept most of the flights and only kicked our Sudoku-crazed neighbor a few times. 

security line in Nashville, circa 6 am - Merit peacefully slept while I put on a shaky smile...despite my excitement to go home, I was really, really, REALLY nervous about flying alone with Merit.
Merit's first plane ride! I had to crop this pic, and I hated to do it b/c you can't really tell we are on a plane, but...'s better than this. Hey, you up front! Mind your own business!
We had a layover in Dallas, and I was telling Merit that she was now in Texas. She excitedly exclaimed that Texas is #1. Smart girl.
Here we are safely landed in Abilene. Check out that wind-blown hair. Ah, home.

First stop - Merit met her sweet cousin Macy for the first time!

We then promptly headed to Bueno like any good Texan who now lives in Tennessee, AKA No-Bueno Land, should. (How cute is that burrito-eating girl sitting next to me?!)
Nina was so glad to have all of her grandgirls in the same place!