Wednesday, July 27, 2011

eleven months

Dear August Rose, 

You are now eleven and a half months old! We will be celebrating your first birthday oh, so very soon.

At eleven months, you are still, of course, as sweet as can be.

I haven't updated about you in a couple of months, so there is much to report!

A couple of weeks after you turned 10 months old, you starting taking steps here and there. A week or so after that, you decided that walking was all you wanted to do. You were such a cute little crawler that I do miss seeing you do that, but you might be an even cuter walker!

Now that you can walk, one of your favorite things to do is go outside and walk up and down the driveway. You'll stop ever so often to play with (or eat) the sidewalk chalk, and then you'll go exploring again.

(This is one of my favorite pictures of you - you heard a noise in the neighbor's backyard and were so concerned. I love how your little pinky is in the air.)

Another favorite thing to do now that you can walk is carry various items all over the house since your hands are free to do so. You usually have a baby doll or a shoe...or a remote...or clothes from the laundry. You make a big mess doing this, but it is just so cute that I don't mind a ton.

Speaking of baby dolls, you now rock them, pat them, and give them kisses. Sweet thing.

The same week you started taking steps, you also started getting four teeth on top and you ran a low fever for three or four days.  It was incredibly sad to see you feel so badly. You are STILL working on those four teeth. 

You are now saying: Daddy, Mama, Hi, Bye-Bye (ba-ba), Baby (beh-bee), Uh Oh (eh-eooooh), and Cheese (teeeeee) whenever you see my camera or phone :)

Here you are saying "teeeeeee!"

You LOVE your daddy- like will stare down the driveway chanting his name, hoping for him to come home, but I think you might be a mama's girl, and I don't mind that one bit. Some of my favorite times of our day is standing with you next to your crib before naps or bedtime. We sway from side to side while you bury your face under my chin. You'll hang one hand to one side while the other pats my arm or touches my face. I sing "You are my August Rose, my only August Rose..." before I lay you down to go to sleep. I love being your mama.

Here we are around this time last year...

...and here we are this summer.

Baby girl, I am so proud of you. You have such a kind and gentle spirit about you already.

I am loving every second watching you learn and explore and carry things and say new words and play with Merit and play by yourself and love on your babies and turn into the little person whom we all adore.

I have loved your baby days, August Rose, and am relieved that a first birthday doesn't automatically turn you into a little girl just yet. Can't wait to celebrate you this next month. You are SO very loved!

much love,
your mama

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

August Rose, on the move

I think August woke up this morning and decided that today was the day she would quit crawling and fully commit to this walking thing. I really haven't seen her crawl much all morning, and I am trying my best not to be too sad about that. Here is a little video of her (and Merit) walking down our driveway today after lunch...