Saturday, September 26, 2009

one and one-half years...

Dear Merit Fey,
Happy 18 months! I do not even know where to begin. With each new phase you enter, I think, "Oh, this has been my favorite." And, here I am again, thinking that we have had the most fun yet, but I am positive that tomorrow, and the next week, and the month after that, you will prove me wrong with your ever-growing cuteness.

A lot has happened since your first birthday in March.

In April, you had your second Easter. The year before, you were a day old in the hospital on Easter, so it was fun to watch you find your Easter basket and to go to church with you this year.

In May, we made a visit to Texas and to see your great-grandparents in Oklahoma. We also made the first trip to the pool for the summer. The pool picture confirms that you look mostly like your Daddy.

In June we made another trip to Texas, and you got your first pair of Chucks.

In July, we celebrated the Fourth of July with the Harrisons in Franklin, and you discovered your love for coloring with markers and crayons.

August brought another trip to Texas (you have flown 10 times in your 18 months), as well as a trip to the Wilson County Fair. Again, there you go looking like your Daddy. Biting your bottom lip and everything!

This month, I have noticed more than ever how you are no longer a baby, but a little girl. And a girly-girl at that.

You love babies of all pictures, on TV, at the park in strollers ("beh-byyyy!!!")... but you especially love your own. You have been pushing them around in your stroller and will stop every once in a while to tell them you love them ("iiiiii la YOU!"), and then give them kisses. Such a good little mama.

This month you got to see all four of your great-grandparents at once while we were in Jackson at your Grammy and Popsy's house. You are one blessed great-granddaughter!

Your joy is contagious, and I am actually learning so much from you. You are beyond friendly. At your 18 month check-up, when Dr. Brooks was leaving, you reached out for him to hold you, and you didn't want him to leave. It absolutely made his day, and he said that he didn't think that had ever happened with any of his toddler patients before, and he has been a pediatrician for close to 20 years. You truly have such a loving spirit.

We are so proud of you, Merit girl. I am amazed at how quickly you are learning these days, and I love hearing the new words you pick up each day. We hear you say "Wassat?" about 100 times a day, but it is so cute that we don't mind. You love books and letters, and you like to "name" the letters you see. Yesterday morning we found you reading a book when we went in to get you. Here you are naming some letters, as well as asking your favorite question...

So, Happy Half Birthday, baby girl. You'll be two before we know it! Know that your Mama and Daddy love you more than we ever thought possible. You are truly beautiful inside and out!

much love,
your mama

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

redbud giveaway (for a good cause!)

This week I am hosting a giveaway over at Redbud to benefit Dry Bones Denver. The winner will receive a complete blog makeover, as well as a Dry Bones t-shirt!

For more information about Dry Bones, go HERE. For more info about the giveaway and instructions on how to enter, go HERE. Thanks so much, dear friends!

(My parents especially thank you for your support of both Redbud Designs and Dry Bones Denver! :)

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

nina + papa + cousins = love

Last month my parents came to Nashville for a few days. One day we ate ice cream in downtown Franklin, and Merit ate enjoyed adored her first real ice cream cone.

Merit and I decided to go back to Texas with my parents for a week or so. My brother, Paul, and sister-in-law, Lori, were going to Hawaii for 8 days, so my parents were keeping my nieces, Macy and Zoey. Nina and PaPa did a great job and made the week so fun for their grandgirls. Merit basically had sisters for a week, which when you add in all the other fun stuff...root beer floats, popsicles, pools, ice cream, a yard with sprinklers...I'd say she loved just about every second at Nina and PaPa's.

This collage is pretty chaotic, but what trip to Target with 3 little girls isn't?

the Abilene Zoo!

It was so fun to see Merit and Zoey play (and fight...just a little) with each other. Zoey is 4 months older than Merit so they will be in the same grade growing up. I see a shared ACU dorm room in their future. :)


Macy was my first niece ever, and she and I are buddies. I cannot believe that she has now started kindergarten! I had such a fun time with her. Nina, Macy and I went to see a movie one day while PaPa kept the "babies", she was my ticket partner at Gattiland, and we snuck away just the 2 of us to get snow cones. I was honored to be with her as she checked out her class list for the first time and attended Meet the Teacher night at her school. She was precious checking everything out for the first time. (Lori, I will send you these pics very soon!)

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

all merit, all the time

As I am working on posts from...

...the week in Abilene

...and our night at the fair,

enjoy some cuteness while you wait.

-singing her "A E Eh's" and other fun in the tub-

-kitchen dancing-

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