Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recently, both of my blogs got makeovers, which always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I thought I would share the love and host a giveaway over at Redbud for a FREE COMPLETE BLOG MAKEOVER! This makeover can be used for your own blog, or if you don't have a blog or are not in need of a makeover at the moment, you can share the love, too, and give the makeover to a friend! To enter, all you need to do is head on over to Redbud and leave me a comment, letting me know you dropped by.

Go check out my Redbud blog for more info!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

mer-mer! happy 10 months!

Little Merit Fey,
This past month has gone by quicker than any have, I believe. You are constantly changing, and I am trying my best to soak it all in. This past month you had your first Christmas. We had so much fun sharing it with you. Santa brought you a baby that you kissed and kissed when you first saw her...which made my day for sure.
We spent New Year's Eve with our friends, the Harrisons. You, Audrey, and Ava kept each other going, playing all the way until midnight.
Just this week, history was made at the inauguration of President Obama. You played and then napped while we watched the festivities on the internet because our rabbit ears weren't quite doing their job.
Girl, you've got skills.

You have now added "uh-oh" to your little vocabulary, and you actually use it correctly (except for maybe when you say it BEFORE you drop something). On the day we did our Christmas, it suddenly clicked for you that when you wave, you should say "hi" at the same time. You are constantly making friends and strangers alike smile when you greet them this way. The other day a waitress brought you some apples because you had said hello to her, and she said that usually, babies don't pay her any attention. I love your sweet heart.

You are getting better and better at walking along the furniture. Here you are doing just that after you had escaped a diaper changing. Sorry, baby girl, I know that when you are old enough to read this, you will most likely give me an eye roll or two for including this pic, but I just couldn't help it, k?
I can't believe you will soon be a year old. I think back to your tiny baby days, and although I do miss them dearly, I am excited to keep learning life with you.

So, Happy 10 Months, Merit Fey. Your daddy and I are crazy about you. And don't you forget it.
your mama

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

family christmas recap

Someday, when all is right in the world, I will keep my blog completely up-to-date. Until then...

We had such a great Christmas holiday. We first headed to Abilene to celebrate with my side of the family. This year, instead of buying everyone new presents, we brought things from our own houses. It was so fun, and I loved seeing what everyone came up with. Among all the wonderful gifts were things such as books, t-shirts, good music, and family heirlooms. Our time together was much too short, but was priceless nonetheless. 

We then headed to Jackson to see Kev's side of the family. For their Christmas, we each brought one gift and did a dirty Santa type thing. I ended up with lottery tickets, but sadly, didn't cash in this time. Again, another fun time was had by all. We are so blessed to have two wonderful families. 

side note for those of you who know Annalee: the font I used above for "albright family" is her actual handwriting! how cool is that? thanks for letting me use it, Annalee. I think it is really great, and I love using it!

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

christmas cards...E for effort

As I've mentioned before, I did a few Christmas card designs this year for Redbud.  Because of this, (and moving) (oh, and traveling) (and chasing Merit) (and, well, me being me) I didn't get ours done until very, very last minute, so I didn't really send any out besides the ones I handed out to family over Christmas. As I told a friend today, I saw the rest still sitting on the desk just a few days ago, and felt it was probably out of the acceptable window to send a late Christmas card. I guess they could just be considered really, really early Christmas 2009 cards? Hmm. Maybe I'll send them after all. Just in case I don't (because, let's be real here...I won't), here 'tis.  

*designed using elements by shabby miss jenn designs

If you're interested in the other designs I did, I will be updating my Redbud blog with recent Christmas cards, as well as a few invitation designs, so feel free to visit over the next few days.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my mama's the birthday girl!

My mama's the sweetest, most selfless, beautiful mama there ever was. And today is her birthday! So I'm having a Mama Nina party on my blog today. If you know her (or even if you don't!), leave a comment wishing her a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mama! You are loved!!

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

9 (or so) months!

Oh, Mer-Mer. You have gone and done it again. Another month older. More fun than we could have imagined. It is hard to keep up with all of the new things you are learning and doing these days. It is truly an amazing thing to witness. You are getting more and more independent, and I am trying not to be too sad about this. 

Baby food is pretty much a thing of the past. You are way too interested in what we are eating, and you do just fine with your two new teeth (finally!). If there is more than one type of food on your tray, I love watching you daintily choose which bite you want to take next. You tend to eat things by color. You'll pick out all the orange carrot pieces, then move onto green things, and so on. I feel like someday, you may save all the red Skittles until last like I do.

Thanks (actually, a huge, ginormous thanks) to an early Christmas present from your Grammie and Popsy, you got a new car seat this month. I was a bit sad to see your carrier seat be put away, but you had just about filled it to capacity. Here is one of your first pictures in that seat. When I see this picture, I can't help but say out loud, "Ohhhhhhhhhh Merrrrriiiiiit." And here is your new seat! You love it, and it reminds me of Texas. 

You are starting to talk more and more. Some of your words include Daddy, Mama, Be-be (baby), and now when you say Hi, or sometimes, Hey, you'll wave at the same time. You've figured out how to open our cell phones and you'll hold them to your ear and say, "Hey-oh". And of course, you go on and on about things and we don't know what you're saying, but I love hearing it just the same.

It was a busy, busy month. At Thanksgiving, you were able to meet one set of your GREAT-grandparents, Grandad and Grandmother. What a lucky girl you are! You actually get to meet your other GREAT-grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa, today!
This month we moved from your first home. Here we are in your room at 892-B for the last time.

Nina came to play for a week. Y'all had the best time.

Nina and I took you out to my school to visit my kids. They couldn't get enough of you!

You helped us decorate the tree and get ready for your first Christmas!

You have now been in the world for 9 months, which means you've been in my world for twice that long. And what a better place it is, baby girl. We love you more than you'll ever know, at least until you have your own little Mer-Mer someday...maybe then you'll understand. 

Happy 9 months, Merit Fey!

much love, 

your mama

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