Thursday, December 13, 2007

100 days

There are officially 100 days left until our due date. 15 weeks. A little over 3 months. We have A LOT to get and prepare and do before the baby comes, but it will all come together, right? Here are some things we do have going for us so far... 

We bought a vintage high chair off craigslist. It is adorable and I love it. Did I mention it was $5? We let Lola be the first to try it out. She was pretty excited about it.
A couple of weekends ago I went to Dallas to be with my college friends, and they threw me the sweetest surprise shower! They went above and beyond, giving us all sorts of cute pink things and necessities...even a glider and ottoman! I am so thankful for my friends. They are the best, and my first baby shower was just perfect.

(Katie joked one day in an email that we were naming the baby "Katie II" so my cake said "Can't Wait for Katie II" :)

Kevan and I went and registered for a few things. It was both fun (scanner gun thing) and funny (no clue what we were doing). Who knows if we scanned anything we really need, but Kev did manage to find a manly diaper bag.

bonus belly pic: 25 Weeks. whoa.

Monday, December 10, 2007

oh, christmas tree

Do you know how much I love thee? As soon as November hits, I count down the days until you make our living room a little happier. It has been 4 years now that I have decorated you with Kevan. He loves you, too, even if he does think I put you up too early every year.

Decorating you for the first time with Kevan was so much fun. Oh, how I loved your ornaments and tree topper that was actually supposed to be our cake topper at our wedding just a week or two before we decorated you.

Our first ornament as "the Albrights"--the first we put on your little branches--was a wedding car given to us by my mama. Sadly, this ornament has since been lost in a move. I still love to see you all decorated, but there will always be something missing.

We moved to Tennessee before our second Christmas. When we put you up that year, I felt a little more at home.

Last year, I was excited to decorate you once again, even though this was the year I discovered the loss of your original ornaments. I did the best I could to replace them with fun and happy new ones, although I never could find one like our wedding car ornament.

And now, this year, you look a little different once again, but I think you are the cutest. I get so happy when I come home and plug in your lights. 
I can hardly wait for next year when I get to share you with our baby girl...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

thanksgiving was a while ago

We had a great time in Texas for Thanksgiving. We spent time in Abilene with my family and some time in Plainview with Kev's family. Here are some highlights:

We drove through the night to get there. In this picture, probably taken around 2 am, all 3 of us are hitting that delirious stage--Lola especially.
Meeting Zoey!

My cousins, Mindi and Danna, are also pregnant! Here are the 6 of us...
Macy and my cousin April's daughter, McKinley, have the best time together and remind me a lot of growing up with April, Mindi, and Danna.
Don't I have the prettiest Mama?
my sweet and favorite nieces
brother Paul, sis-in-law Lori, and lil Zoey
snow-covered cotton fields on the way to Plainview
Lola had to wear her red sweater to keep warm in the Texas snow.
Kevan's grandmother, Faye, his mom, Janice, and I chose to wear stripes and/or red, too.
Back in Abilene for a day or so... my daddy, Zoey's PaPa
one more sweet baby pic
in the car, once again delirious, for the long ride back to Tennessee
I hated that our Texas Thanksgiving was over, but am so glad that it is now time for Christmas trees, lights, movies, and music!  (Kev wouldn't let me listen to any Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, and he still argues that the "Christmas season" is really only the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas day. What is up with that?)