Friday, August 12, 2011

not yet one, but already celebrated!

August doesn't turn one until tomorrow, but we are headed to Colorado this weekend, so we had a little party for her last weekend. The party started at 4, and around 2 that afternoon, birthday girl decided to try crawling out of her crib, which resulted in her falling out and getting a bloody nose. I have never felt worse in my life. She ended up being okay and with a couple of bruises on her cheek. Crib now lowered to the lowest possible spot! It was so horrible, but will definitely be something we'll never forget about that day!

the invites


This pic pretty much sums up my vision for this party - vintage yellow rose party (because of her name and duh, TEXAS) with daisies, peach, orange and cream accents

the decorations

the favors - I made yellow rose cookies.

the party!

Since we are seeing my family this weekend in Colorado, my parents weren't able to come to Tennessee for the party, so we put them on iChat as we sang and she ate her cupcake.

a sweet bunch of girls - Ava, Bennet, Audrey, Liberty, Lorelei, Merit, and August!
Bennet, Lorelei, and August are all really close in age - her future bff's!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made August's day so special. It truly meant so much to us to have you there. 

Happy Birthday, August Rose! Tomorrow we will celebrate you all over again!

merit the flower girl

A couple of weekends ago, we flew to west Texas to see Kevan's cousin, Beckah, get married!

It was extra special because Merit got to be a flower girl for the first time. Here she is at the rehearsal 
with all of the pretty Hayes girls - her Great Aunt "Dedi", her great-grandmother, and her Grammie!

Wedding Day - getting ready

We were there early for pictures, so she played with the other little kids in the wedding, and they all got a turn on the ipads.

She had been asking for weeks if she was going to "get a boy" at the wedding. She was lucky - she got twins! ;)

Beckah was so beautiful!

And, of course, so was Merit.

She did get a little stage fright right before showtime. I went to the back and talked her into it, and she ended up doing great.
Congrats to Beckah and Hagen! Thank you for including Merit on your special day. So glad we were able to be there!