Thursday, October 23, 2008

my heroes have always been cowboys

After church on Sunday, we joined half the congregation at Cross Plain's newest Mexican restaurant, Mexico City Cafe, which had a great spread at the buffet, including tacos, enchiladas, fried chicken, and strawberry cake. We then drove all around Coleman County to feed my dad's cows. I have fond memories of doing this with my PaPa and FayFay, so I was excited that Merit was going to get to feed the cows with her PaPa and Nina. Luckily, Nina didn't make Merit use the restroom in an old tire like my FayFay once made me do. At our first stop, my dad told me about how the last several times he has visited this herd, he has seen a wild pig who likes to hang with the cows. I wanted so badly to see this. He didn't show up for a while, but soon a little calf came trotting up, and sure enough, the little pig was following. (Click these pics to make them bigger if you're interested in seeing the pig. He was so cute!)

I always enjoy watching my dad with his cows. With the honk of his horn, a few "Whoo cows!", and a couple shakes of a feed sack,  the cows come a-runnin. 

He feeds them some cow cake... ...counts them,
...and knows that even cows need some love. 
My dad always tries to buy and raise gentle cows.

Merit loved meeting the cows. PaPa loved introducing her.

It was a good day. Could have only been better if a certain 6'4" handsome fella known by the name of Kevan to many, and Daddy to one, had been in this picture with us.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

burkett. texas: population 30

The first Sunday here in Texas, Merit and I went along with my parents to Burkett, about 45 minutes from Abilene. My dad preaches at the town's only church on Sundays. 

Before church every Sunday, my dad stops by this house to visit Velma and Esther, two ladies who are now unable to make it to church. They loved meeting Merit. As Esther held Merit, Velma told us about a childhood memory of riding to church in her family's wagon, laying on blankets in the back. 

The church is where my dad first preached at the age of 16. My grandfather frequented the pulpit years ago, and my brothers and Kevan have also preached here a time or two.

I love the charm and simplicity of this little church.

Merit definitely didn't go unnoticed. She was everyone's favorite member that day. This is Mary, one of my favorites. She loves my dad like her own son.

And this is "Dad". He's a cutie!

PaPa was pretty proud to show Merit off that day. (He's pretty proud any day...)
But not as proud as we are of him.

{up next...Merit becomes a cowgirl}

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

an update...and an announcement!

I decided I should probably put something on here before it is time for Merit's 7 month post, which is next week. Next week?! Really? The time is flying by, and several things have kept me busy...thus the no blogging thing. 

  • First, my parents came to town last week. We had an excellent time, and they talked Merit and I into coming back to Texas with them! Kevan, the greatest husband ever, will drive down and get us next week. I left my camera card reader in Nashville, so no Merit pics this sorry. I hope to go pick one up soon so I can post pics of Merit meeting my dad's cows for the first time. :)
  • Merit is officially crawling and pulling up and getting into anything she can. She is such a busy baby these days. And I love it.
  • I have been working hard to finish up all of the blogs of sweet people who let me practice on theirs, and I am excited to announce that I am getting my little business started! The name is Redbud Designs. I wanted to choose a name that was sentimental in some way and had something to do with Texas...shocking, I know. Redbud Park is the park in Abilene where Kevan and I first told each other we liked each other, and then 4 years later, it is where Kev proposed to me. That park is, essentially, where this little family got started, and since this business is for the benefit of that family, I think it is the perfect name. I have set up a blog for my design business, but keep in mind that it is still very much under construction! :) Feel free to check it out and add it to your links! It is I should have it completely up and running very soon! 

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