Friday, December 16, 2011

christmas is here! and thanksgiving was great, but...

...let's talk about Halloween, shall we?

This post should make up for the lack of action around here.
In fact, this picture alone may make up for it:

You're welcome.

Matt, Nikki, and Kai came to visit us the weekend of Halloween, and we had so much fun! On Saturday, we went to our town's Pumpkin Fest. It was the first time the kids wore their costumes. Merit was Dorothy, August was a munchkin (poor second child - her costume was Merit's gnome costume from a couple of years ago), and Kai was his absolute favorite, "Memo" aka Nemo.

I "made" Merit's Dorothy dress from this dress I found at a thrift store...

Add some red sparkly shoes and braids, and she was her favorite character from "Wizard of Pause".

straight from Munchkinland...

Our downtown has little main street festivals every few months, and they are always so fun. August got to go in the petting zoo for the first time and she LOVED it.

SIDE NOTE: People think August is a boy a lot. She doesn't keep clips and such in her hair, and I'm not a huge pink fan. Anyway, while she was in the petting zoo, wearing this costume that is a DRESS with PINK plaid and big DAISIES, someone asked me about her and kept saying "HE". Really? Who dresses their boy like this?! Okay, I feel better now.

They had almost all of the characters from Wizard of Oz walking around the festival. Merit got SUPER excited when she first spotted the Scarecrow. And then when she saw Dorothy? My goodness, pure happiness. She hugged them both like they were family, and proudly told them, "I'm Dorothy!" (Don't think the witch got a hug.) We've got to get this girl to Disney World.

I have to zoom in on the bottom right picture so you can see the group of ladies in the background who stopped to oooooo and awwwww over the Dorothys.

We spent the rest of the weekend before the real Halloween resting and playing.

I'll have to do trick-or-treating in a post all its own. Coming soon!