Saturday, December 19, 2009

going to see santa, a.k.a. "ho ho"

This Christmas Merit has been obsessed with "Ho Ho". She loves finding him wherever we may be and looking for him from the car. She always gasps and says, "Is a Ho Ho!" Sometimes she'll even lower her voice a bit and throw in a "Ho Ho HOOOOO!" It's pretty cute. Speaking of cute, here is Merit's Santa pic outfit for this year. I let her help me pick out her dress at Target. When I held this one up, she said, "Ooohhhh cute!" It was my fave as well, so I was pleased with her choice! :)


checking it out

liking what she sees

thanks, Grammie, for the fun shoes!

Last year, Merit and Santa fell in love with each other. This Santa in particular is such a sweet man...I think he is about as close to the real thing as you can get. So, I was excited to see that he was back this year.


Ho Ho is awesome, but Elmo AND Ho Ho is like heaven!

The final product - not her biggest smile, but it is very similar to last year's picture, which I loved.


See ya next year, Ho Ho!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm thankful for many things, of course, for I am one blessed girl.

I'm most certainly thankful for this little girl and all of the fun she has been having this fall... the park Radnor Lake


 ...and finding and carving the perfect "kunkin".


I am most absolutely thankful for this cute boy. I am really thankful that my second attempt at cutting his hair last night turned out okay! Not that I could have done much to make him look bad. He is just too cute...bad haircut or not.

before - still looking cute, despite his shagginess

and after! feeling better and STILL looking cute!

I am very, very thankful for our new precious, little rent house!


I am also extremely thankful for the time we will be spending here over the next few days seeing (most of) my family whom I love and have missed terribly!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

he likes chocolate

He likes chocolate. I like vanilla. He is tall. I am short. He is a leader. I am a follower. He could watch football all day. I...can't. He orders tea. I order water. He plays guitar way better than I'll ever be able to. I can draw better than him. He is the oldest brother. I am the youngest sister. He thinks you should start listening to Christmas music a week before Christmas. I started listening to Christmas music three weeks ago. He's confident. I am a bit too easily intimidated. He likes to stay home. I love to run errands. He is 26. I am 27. But...

He loves me. And I love him.

November 20th, 2004

November 19th, 2009

Kev, we have more blessings to celebrate than we can count. I'm not even sure I know how much I love you, and there is another little girl in this house who loves you just as much. We are blessed, indeed. Happy five years!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

trick or treat!

Merit's 2nd Halloween has come and gone. I can't believe it has been a year since I made her mouse costume and put it on her 5 times a day because I thought she was the cutest mouse ever.

This year I had started making her a fairy costume while we were at the cabin in Knoxville. I got about half-way done, but when we got back home, I never could find a good moment to get it finished. The mouse costume still fits her, so even though it pained me to think about her being the same thing 2 years in a row, a mouse she was going to be.

Until my friend Penny said that she had found a garden gnome costume for Audrey. Penny didn't mind if we copied her, and we agreed that it would be the cutest thing ever if they both went as gnomes. So even though I am one of those who believe that homemade costumes are more fun, I made an exception this year, and it was well worth it!


I had put Merit's costume on early in the day to show my family in Abilene over a video chat. She didn't want to take the dress off, so she wore it all day long.

napping gnome

I tried to put cute little cheeks on her, but they lasted about 5 minutes after I put them on.


We went to the Harrison's neighborhood to trick-or-treat. It was so fun, and the cuteness was almost too much to take!

Merit and Audrey the gnome sisters


Ava was the prettiest flapper girl I ever did see.

the best picture I got of the 3 of them

And, for comparison's sake...Halloween last year!

Trick-or-treating was, of course, tons of fun. Merit and Audrey liked the knocking on doors part, and Ava loved the getting candy part.


We are loving getting to do "kid" things with Merit. I hate that she is growing up so fast, but we sure are having fun along the way.
Merit loved all of the "puppies" that greeted her at the door (especially the one wearing a tutu whose owner was in a...kilt?). She is also a people person, so meeting new people at each door was fun, too. She even made her way into a house or two. I'd say that trick-or-treating was a hit with MerMer.


Can't wait to carry on the tradition next year with the Harrisons. We are thankful for good friends and a fun Halloween!

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