Saturday, December 19, 2009

going to see santa, a.k.a. "ho ho"

This Christmas Merit has been obsessed with "Ho Ho". She loves finding him wherever we may be and looking for him from the car. She always gasps and says, "Is a Ho Ho!" Sometimes she'll even lower her voice a bit and throw in a "Ho Ho HOOOOO!" It's pretty cute. Speaking of cute, here is Merit's Santa pic outfit for this year. I let her help me pick out her dress at Target. When I held this one up, she said, "Ooohhhh cute!" It was my fave as well, so I was pleased with her choice! :)


checking it out

liking what she sees

thanks, Grammie, for the fun shoes!

Last year, Merit and Santa fell in love with each other. This Santa in particular is such a sweet man...I think he is about as close to the real thing as you can get. So, I was excited to see that he was back this year.


Ho Ho is awesome, but Elmo AND Ho Ho is like heaven!

The final product - not her biggest smile, but it is very similar to last year's picture, which I loved.


See ya next year, Ho Ho!