Thursday, May 29, 2008

two months!

Unbelievably, Merit is already two months old.  Two months. It's a short time, really, but is it possible that I feel like she has always been here? Can I remember what it was like to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? Can I think back to when there wasn't a pacifier or a boppy or a burp rag on every surface of the living room? Did her nursery really used to be just an office with a futon in the corner?    ...Haven't I always been her mama? If I can think back to life before Merit, I think I'd rather not for now. (Mainly because that involved swollen ankles, restless legs, and a 40 inch waist...) 


With her two month birthday has come all sorts of fun. She has really started to show her personality lately. She is cooing (talking, really...her words have included "oh yeah", "hi", "elbow", and "cold cut"...). She makes the girliest high pitched sighs and sounds. And as you can see above, she has started smiling with her whole face. As she gives you that sweet smile, she'll bashfully shrug her shoulders and turn her head to the left. Sweet baby girl. Sometimes if I'm looking at something else, I'll look back at her to see her already smiling at me...gets me every time. She loves to sleep, and especially loves to sleep late, just like her parents. Yesterday she slept until 11 am! She's pretty much the greatest baby ever. Well, at least the greatest baby I've ever had. 

let's review. 
one month...
two months!

Baby girl, we are so blessed. I cannot thank the Lord enough for the gift He has given us through you. Oh, my goodness, Merit Fey, we love you so much. Can't wait to see what the next month has in store...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Facts, A Haiku
twenty-five today
so much left ahead of you
you are very loved

Whenever I need to wrap a present for Kevan, I always use blank wrapping paper and then decorate it with pictures and words to fit the occasion. Yesterday for his birthday, I wrote the haiku above on one of his presents. It was preceded with "Facts, A Poem" and followed by "Facts, A Rap", but the haiku was his favorite, so I'll spare you the other two. Yesterday I wasn't able to do as much for him or get him as many presents as I thought he deserved. Having just come back from our Texas trip, I didn't get to make him a cake, so I had to put his candles in the chicken salad that he requested for dinner. 

Above anything, I just wanted Kevan to know that I love him and am proud of him.  I've known Kevan since he was 11, and as much of a privilege as it was to grow up with him, I am honored to witness what I am these days.  We moved out to Nashville to follow his dreams and for him to better develop his musical talents, both of which are HAPPENING. 

Just recently I've seen him transform into Merit's daddy. It is by far his best role yet.

 Kev, the past 25 years have shaped you into an amazing man, and I have full faith that the best is yet to come. Happy Birthday. I love you!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

happy birthday to you...

Happy 25th Birthday, Kev!! We love you so much!!   

a little you 25 years ago...
a little you 25 years later...
She thinks you're the greatest, and so do I.
Love, Sharon and Mer-Mer


coming soon...
~birthday post with all things kevan
~recap on our trip to texas!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

texas, my texas

Merit and I will be heading to Abilene Wednesday morning! I am beyond excited. I haven't been home since Christmas, which is officially the longest I have ever gone, in my entire life, without being home. We'll be flying, which also makes me will take 4 hours to get from Nashville to Abilene as opposed to the normal 14 or so spent driving. But I am also a little nervous about this little venture...  I am sure we'll be fine, but I have all kinds of visions of how it is going to go all sorts of wrong. Any tips and advice for flying by yourself with a two-month-old??

Monday, May 12, 2008

mama's day

I had grand intentions of taking a fun picture to put on the blog for Merit's grandmothers on Mother's Day. The photo session started out okay, got kind of crazy in the middle, and by the end, Merit's dress was soaked, and I think she was mad the whole thing ever happened. Do you think she may be growing tired of me and my camera? Too bad, so sad, sister! 

Regardless, Nina and Gram (? Grams? JanJan? Janny?), Merit loves you both sooo much, and we do, too! Hope your Mother's Day was as fun as you deserved it to be.

My first Mother's Day was great. It was very surreal that I was actually getting to celebrate. I still cannot believe God has blessed me with this precious baby. I did not a thing to deserve her. I could go on and on about how I feel about being her mama, but it is all really very simple...she makes me happy in the truest sense and fulfills a desire I've had for as long as I can remember. If you'd like, revisit this post.  I wrote it when I was 9 weeks pregnant with Merit, and even though I had no idea just how great this motherhood thing was going to be, it will give you an idea how I felt even then about becoming a mother. What a humbling challenge, responsibility, and privilege to be Merit's mama. I received many great gifts for Mother's day which I loved dearly, but it is gift enough just to hold that title!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008