Thursday, March 25, 2010

merit's 2nd birthday party!

When thinking about a theme for Merit's party this year, I wanted to choose something that I knew would make her completely giddy. I thought about her favorite characters, Elmo or Yo Gabba Gabba, but then I had the idea of a candy theme. Since candy is something she doesn't get on a regular basis, I knew that she would absolutely love everything about her party. I had SO MUCH FUN planning and creating and decorating, and it was all worth it because I truly do think she loved her party. She even told me, "Thank you, Mama!" several times. :) My mom came in town early to help me with everything from keeping Merit occupied to cleaning the bathroom, and I couldn't have gotten everything done without her help, so a huge THANK YOU to my Mama, too!!!! Actually, thank you to all 4 of our parents. They were all a huge help in so many ways!

Here are (oh, you know, just a few) pictures from the party. I'll upload all of them (yes, there are more) to my Facebook in a bit.

the invite - love her sweet silhouette

the indoor decorations - Merit's Candy Shoppe/cake table

the outdoor decorations/food table
(THANK YOU to Popsie for smoking the amazing BBQ!!)

party pics!

Popsie and Papa

Merit loved having her friends Cali, baby Levi, Ava, Audrey, Jake, and Liam at her party! I am so thankful for these little people.

"Happy Birthday to Meriiiiiit" and candles!


After the party, Merit posed for us in her Lollipop garden!
my fave - showing some two-year-old sass

And once it was all over...

Thank you again and again to all of our friends and family who were able to come celebrate Merit with us. We love her more than we could ever explain, and we are so blessed to have people in our lives who love her like we do. I CANNOT believe I have a two-year-old.



campers said...

precious party!!!!

Wee Little House said...

This was the most perfect party theme of all time. Everything was so cute and creative. I'm still dreaming of all that candy.
I love her little voice in the video and the konked-out photo at the end (backwards baby-doll head and all).
What a sweet girl she is!

Leah said...

What FUN! Loved all your creative ideas! We love Elmo and Gabba Gabba,too! I bet she loved getting the keytar like Plex has!

Laura said...

What an adorable party! I saw ur blog post on my friend, Brittany Poe's, blog. I hope u don't mind a "stranger" commenting but I was wondering who did the invitations? I want to throw my daughter a candy theme party next year when she turns 3 (we call her "sweet Caroline" :-) Anyway, I just loved ur invites...they turned out so cute!!

Amanda said...

I found your blog a while ago and I just had to comment on this post! This is the cutest party I've ever seen! I love it. :)

Kipley said...

! Cutest party! And let me say that I'm envious of your creative streak..I hope that I can pull off something half as fun for Wyatt's 1st (which, yes...I've already been thinking about). Congrats about baby girl #2! I'm excited for you both.

Jilly said...

I can't believe you have a two year old either...I started reading your blog when you were pregnant with her. Happy Birthday to your precious girl! It was so sweet to hear her say 'cake' on the video, and I love the gumdrop tree decorations on the tables. Good job with everything!

erin f. said...

Oh Sharon, what a perfect party. Will you please come to Bentonville and throw Ellie's first birthday part for her? I have already thought about it and already stressed about how I have no idea what to do! I guess she won't really care at this point and I should save any ounce of creativity for when she is older! Anyway, I love all the pictures and wished that I was there. Merit is 2, I can't even believe it.

janine said...

Looks like an awesome party! Congratulations on baby number 2 and on your 2 year old!!

annalee said...

isn't it so much fun?! i LOVE the party theme and each and every detail you included! good work mama!

Life at the White House said...

This may be the cutest party theme I've ever seen. Great job! And by the way.....your baby girl is absolutely beautiful. :)

Michele said...

That invitation is the cutest ! I would love to do that for my little man's birthday in August. Could you do the invitations for me? I LOVE THE SILHOUETTE- cutest thing ever! Just let me know. Thanks!

PS- Merritt is one beautifl little girl !

Anonymous said...

Those party pictures are so cute and I love the theme!

I was wondering what place you used to put the pictures together in a colloage like that!

Thanks :)

Jessica said...

What a great party! You are so creative-- I love the candy theme!

Also, I didn't get to tell you congratulations on your 2nd girl! I'm excited that Merit will have a sister-how fun!

Kyla said...

I love, love, LOVE what you did for Merit's party! It's the cutest thing ever! What a great theme for a 2 year old party. I mean, most 2 year olds aren't really into a certain character yet, but any kid loves candy. :) You are such a cute and creative mom and I love it. And I love you!

Roxanne said...

Perfectly precious! Your the best little mama!