Friday, April 24, 2009

a whole lotta merit

If you aren't me, or a grandparent, this mega-post may be a bit much. I just want to remember some things about Merit, the 13-month-old, and I'm turning out to be a better blogger than baby-booker. Some of my favorite things about her right now are:

~She says "Hiiii" to everyone. Last night we were eating at a restaurant and sat close to the door. You would have thought she had been hired as their greeter. 

~She points to her eyes (well, the general vicinity) and says "eyyye?"

~When I was little, I can remember really wanting to whistle, so finally, I just started faking it by making an "O" with my lips and doing a high-pitch scream thing. I fooled everyone, I'm sure. Merit does the same kind of thing when she snaps. She makes a snap motion in the air while simultaneously making a clicking noise with her tongue. See?

~I will be a little sad when she is no longer in the "learning to walk" phase. She either holds her little hands in front of her, palms facing out, or she has her arms going in all directions, I guess to keep her balance. Oh, my goodness, so cute. Here is a little video of some Merit walking. Oh, and some Kevan caterpillar-showing. And some Kevan swinging. 

~She likes to carry around her babies and stuffed animals, and I like for her to do so, because it keeps me smiling. She frequently stops to give them a good hug and kiss.

~She loves to dance and slap her knee when any kind of music is on.

~Wheels on the Bus is a fave at the moment. She likes to do the wheel motion and "shush, shush, shush" with the mama on the bus.

~She's a talker and can carry a great phone conversation. Talking to her Nina...

~Peekaboo is always funny. So is her daddy.

Some favorite pics from the past month or so...

a day at centennial park in nashville with nina and papa

at the nashville library with audrey and lily

yay for facing forward!

catching a call on the sheep magnet
Easter 2009

pat the bunny
on the lookout for a pickup game
lily and merit
we didn't have any clean pj's the other night, so i put her in one of my t-shirts. it was officially the cutest thing i had ever seen...that day

well, nice to meet you, too, clifford the big red dog
whew. what a fun month!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

kevan = rockstar

So Kevan plays every once in a while here in Nashville with a couple of friends. This past Monday I got the privilege of getting outside the apartment (after sunset!) to go watch him, thanks (a BIG thanks) to Kevan's mom coming to keep Merit. 

I absolutely love to watch Kevan on stage. It is something that I will never, ever do (but {not so} secretly wish I could), so I partly love it because I get to live vicariously through my rockin' husband, but I mostly love it because I get to watch Kevan do something that he loves. I can't explain how proud I am of him.

He and our friend, Michael (seen in the video), have been playing with Chad Randall (black shirt) for a couple of years. Chad is a really talented songwriter, and he is lucky to have such talented musicians like Kev and Michael back him up.

They played really well. Here is the last song they played (please look past my bad videographer skills and my camera's poor sound skills...).

Good, right? Told you he was a rockstar. How lucky am I?

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Monday, April 6, 2009

dedicated and celebrated

Finally! A chance to blog about Merit's birthday festivities. 

On her actual birthday, the 22nd, we spent the day just the 3 of us. Merit woke up around 6:45am and Kev and I took her a balloon and sang "Happy Birthday" as we went into her room to get her. She was highly confused, but we had fun. We then went to church and took Merit to the zoo.

A week later, my parents and Kev's parents came in town for her party. We decided to take advantage of both grandparents being in town together and have Merit's dedication at church.

That afternoon, we had her first birthday party! 

We had planned on it being at the park, but the weather didn't cooperate with us. It was around 50 degrees, so our good friends, the Harrisons, offered to let us have the party at their house since our apartment is a bit too small for such an occasion. Here is the awesome family to which we will be forever grateful...
We didn't really have a theme for Merit's party. If there was one, I think it would be "spring". :) My mom helped me make her cake. I had SO much fun planning and preparing for her party. I am already excited about party #2!

Although we had to switch locations, we had a great turnout and a really fun time. Merit was all over the place and loved every second! Here is a video of everyone singing to her, followed by the rest of the party pics. 

(for a few more pics, you can go to my facebook album)

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Friday, April 3, 2009

happy birthday, nik nik!

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law, NIKKI, soon-to-be greatest mama ever!!

We love you!

-Kev, Sharon, and Merit

coming soon: merit's first birthday pics...

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