Thursday, August 27, 2009

have you seen counting crows lately?

Kevan and I have! A couple of weeks ago, Kevan and I were able to go see them play here in Nashville at the Ryman Auditorium. My parents were in town, so while we went to see one of our favorite bands play, Merit got to stay home with some of her favorite people. I've been a CC fan for literally half my life, so you can imagine the excitement that surrounds such an occasion. Their concerts never disappoint, especially not in a place like the Ryman, so fun was had by all.

There was an intermission...

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

radnor lake and lilyyyyy

Radnor Lake is, hands-down, one of my favorite things about Nashville. It is beautiful and makes you feel like you are way far out of town, even though you are actually smack dab in the middle of it. Merit loves this place, too. We have taken her there since the beginning of her days...

Even then she was enthralled by all the trees and would always be relaxed into sleep on our walks.

Now that she can walk and run and point and talk ("Wassat?" "Wassat?" "Wassat?"), she has the best time at Radnor. And I so enjoy watching her enjoy it. Here she is a couple of weeks ago...

I took those pictures right before our friends Heather and Lily came to join us for a walk. Lily is about a month older than Merit, and we have loved getting to know the Deyos over the past year. Sadly, they moved to Chicago last week, so this was Merit and Lily's last time to hang out as residents of the same city. Merit loves Lily and always says her name with a huge smile - "Lilyyyyy!" (When I talk to her about how Lily is in Chicago, Merit will say, "Lilyyy. Cago.") :)

I caught some video of the girls having a conversation before our walk. (I can't get enough of Merit's "talking" these it bad that I kind of want her to keep talking jibberish for a while?) Toward the end, you can hear Lily say an actual sentence or two about her Mama coming back, and Merit responds, "Cookie!" Your guess is as good as mine, Lily. :) (Turn up your volume and try to ignore me.)

And a walk down Lily and Merit Memory Lane...

We'll miss you, Deyos! We wish you all the best in Chicago. And we promise to come visit, but only when the temp is out of the negatives. :)

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

it's 12:30 am...

...and I'm thinking about you.

Thinking about how you're my boy and being away from you is hard on this girl. Thinking about how proud I am of you and how much I truly believe that you can do anything your heart desires. Thinking about how cute your dimples are and how I like to watch you and study your handsome face when you may or may not know that I am. I'm thinking about what a good Daddy you are, like I knew you would be, and how I get butterflies when I see you carry Merit--our daughter--up the stairs, her little feet dangling at your sides, or when I hear you talk about how you feel about her. I'm thinking about these things.

And I miss you.