Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas: part 1 - our house

We had Christmas a few days early at our house since we would be out of town on the actual day.

Christmas Eve, attempts at getting a pj pic - too much love and too blurry :)

i love this picture

After August went to bed, we baked cookies for Santa.

Then, after Merit went to bed, we spent entirely too long doing this:

Christmas morning

such a fun morning!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

photo a day - days 9-23

day 9: daily routine - four little mermaids in the tub

day 10: childhood - my family in Colorado circa 1983

day 11: where I sleep - my side of the bed

day 12: (I wish we were) close-up - We saw the Civil Wars at the Ryman, and they invited Taylor Swift on stage to sing their new song for the Hunger Games soundtrack.

day 13: in my bag - nothing anyone older than 3 would be interested in!

day 15: happiness - I took Merit to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. We were both in heaven.

day 16: morning - my fave mug and fave pj's

day 18: something I bought - I found this little vintage piggy bank at a junk/antique store in its original packaging. 

day 19: sweet - Merit napping on our bed

day 20: someone I love - more than he knows

day 21: reflection - the sunset in my rear view mirror

day 23: something old - My friend Penny and I spent a few hours exploring this old abandoned farmhouse a little over a week ago. On this past Sunday, Penny drove by and discovered that it had since been demolished. So very sad that it couldn't be saved, but I'm so glad we got a chance to "get to know it" before they tore it down.

santa claus!

getting ready to go see Santa...everyone's happy!

in the car...Merit could barely contain herself. She kept saying, "Santa is going to be so excited to see me!"

waiting in line...Merit is still excited, August is starting to lose it.

Merit with her standard sweet "Santa smile" (see below), and August looking over at us with the saddest look she has ever given. It was really sad, but I LOVE this picture. When Merit sat down, she said, "Santa! You remember my name, don't you?!" He was a bit awkward. She then told him that she wanted a mermaid dress for Christmas, and he told her how important it is to be a big sister.




Sunday, January 8, 2012

day 8: my sky

It is cold and cloudy here today. Now that Christmas is over, I would just assume winter be over as well!