Thursday, September 20, 2012

slip on by lyric video

Recently Kevan was given the opportunity at work to make a lyric video for one of their new artists, Finding Favour. I was given the honor of helping him out a little with it. The song is a story about a conversation one of the band members had with his grandfather once, and his grandfather gave him the good advice of not letting life "slip on by". We came up with the idea of flipping through a scrapbook of the grandfather's life, and we were able to use old pictures of Kevan's Grandma and Grandpa to bring the idea to life. They have some of the neatest memories captured on film, and I was so glad that we were able to make Grandpa the star of the video. He is (and was!) pretty cute, and Grandma - my goodness, so lovely. The momentos, postcards, etc. used were some of Grandma and Grandpa's, some from antique stores, and a few were found in my favorite abandoned farmhouse expedition. It took some long hours to get the book put together, then for Kevan to work his magic making the video, but it was worth it.

behind the scenes...

(Kev worked so hard getting the page turning just right, trying different locations for different light, and then editing the final cut. SO extremely proud of and impressed by him.)

And here is the fruit of his labor, starring Wayne and Lina Gale Albright.
Video by Kevan Albright. Awesome song by Finding Favour.

Speaking of Wayne and Lina Gale, they have both recently been hospitalized. Their rooms are on different floors of the hospital, and they have each been so worried about the other. But I am happy to report that Grandma was able to go visit Grandpa today.
Here they are on a date to the carnival, late 1940's maybe?

And here they are today, still holding hands. My goodness, what an inspiration.

If you would, say a prayer for these two to start feeling better soon!

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