Thursday, April 26, 2012

remember that time i had a blog?

Oh, man. This poor blog. My mom reminded me today that I haven't done much with it lately! It actually made me laugh out loud when I saw that the title on my last post was "Christmas: Part One". I'm sure I had great intentions to post a part two or three, or you know, move on from Christmas. The past couple of months have been super busy in Redbudland, so most of my computer time is spent in Photoshop. I hate that I can't keep up with this blog. It's all we've got as far as family scrapbooks or albums go. Sigh. I do put pictures almost everyday on my Instagram. My username is redbuddesigns, if you want to follow along there.

Anyway, I will move past part one of Christmas at some point, but for now I'll let some new pics and video sit here for a while. The pictures are a couple of my recent faves of the girls (from my phone).

Merit Fey and Shy Violet!

sweet, happy August Rose

This video is from February, but I love it. I am still learning how to use the video feature on my camera, so I was practicing with Merit that day. I asked her to sing a song for me. 

I shall title this video "I Made It Up". If you make it to the end, you'll see why.


lhall said...

oh my word. hilarious. I thought my favorite part was her face when you asked her to sing you a song, but then she said, "i made it up," with such SASS! love that!

Jordyn said...

OH. MY. Goodness!!!
So much cuteness I can't handle it! "That's a good one isn't it?" ... and the way she said that last line! You're going to have your hands full with her, Sharon. ;) Love it!

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Jenny said...

Oh gosh! They are beyond adorable!

And Sharon. The most important thing is spending 'TIME' with them.

Sometimes it's hard to be in the moment with our sweet little ones when they're always in the viewfinder!