Friday, August 5, 2011


Eleven years ago tonight, Kevan Albright picked me up in his maroon '81 Jeep Wagoneer and took me out on our very first date. We were kids - a young 17 and 18. We had been "chatting" earlier in the day on IM, and he asked if I wanted to go see a movie with him at the Paramount, our local downtown theater.

Of course I did.

I carefully chose my clothes, picking a light blue skirt. I had actually never worn a skirt on a date before, but this felt different, and I wanted to look my best. When he came to the door I risked awkwardness and had my mama take our picture. I just had a feeling that I would one day be glad to have that photo.

I was right.

excuse the blurriness - this is a cell phone pic of the original pic...

We went to see a movie from the 1930's called Anthony Adverse about... I actually have no idea what this movie was about. We were by far the youngest in the theater. We sat in the balcony. I think I remember eating popcorn. I for sure remember loving all 141 minutes sitting next to Kevan.

the actual program from that night

we now have this movie poster hanging in our room

After the movie, we went to Abilene Coffee Co. for some coffee and pie. I'm sure we talked about the summer we had just had. Maybe a little about how I was about to head to ACU, and his football two-a-days were just around the corner. Although I had a strong feeling - even that night - that this was going to be it for me, what if we had known then that this date was really the beginning of the rest of our lives? Would I have believed that eleven years down the road, I would be spending my entire August 5th getting ready for our second daughter's first birthday party? Would Kevan have believed that around the same time our date was probably ending that night, on August 5, 2011, he would still be selflessly working at his second job of the day to help ends meet for his family of four - a family that would include the girl sitting across the table from him?

I think I might have believed it. But I couldn't have ever known how blessed the following eleven years were going to be.

Thank you so much for asking me out, Kev. On IM. I love you!


Cassie said...

so precious! y'all are the cutest little family :)

*Courtney* said...

Seriously, love that story. God sure knew what He was doing with y'all on that first date. :)

mama nina said...

Thank you Kevan for sticking with that little girl of ours. Y'all have created the most precious family ever! We love y'all and our two uniquely adorable granddaughters. Love, MamaNina

annalee said...

i LOVE your story and precious family!
i am especially proud of you for having that first date picture taken. what a treasure!

annalee said...

y'all are mui.

annalee said...

or is it mooey?
okay, really i'm done with the comments:)

erin f. said...

I don't think I've ever heard that story! I love it. So sweet.